Christmas Houses

My kids always think they want to decorate gingerbread houses but it is always too complicated for us so when I saw this kit using rice crispy treats, I thought it would be perfect. It didn’t actually turn out as great as I thought because there was not enough marshmallow stuff for the rice crispies but they were fun and easy to decorate. I still have the mold for the house so we can do it again another time with my own recipe.

Nyah’s Birthday

Nyah had her 3rd birthday. I think this is the first year she anticipated her birthday coming. She has loved Tangled so I put Rapunzel and Flynn on her cake. I think she would have loved a cake shaped like the doll but I have learned I have major limitations when it comes to cake decorations so I opted for a much easier design. And now she has a doll to play with. She said she wouldn’t turn 3 until she blew her candles out. I thought that was funny. We went to the Hyrum ambulance house for cake and ice cream because Dad got to work all day.


I really do not know why but Melissa has been obsessed with mermaids lately. She watches a show on Netflix called H2O, and watches all kinds of mermaid videos on YouTube. She talked me in to making her and Nyah mermaid tails.

Halloween 2011

A couple of years ago, I made “spooky” things for dinner and my kids thought that it was such fun they have made me continue the tradition. This year we had kidneys with chopped fingers, chopped brain salad, congealed blood, witches brew, and bloodshot eyeballs.

Tangled’s Rapunzel/Nyah

Nyah has been loving the movie Tangled so we dressed her up as Rapunzel this year. I made the braid out of a whole skein of yarn. She won the “longest hair” award along with another Rapunzel at the ward party. She is pretty cute dancing around with her long hair. I wasn’t sure how long it needed to be so it actually did drag a bit. While trick or treating, I held the end of it like she was a dog on a leash.

Lotoja 2011

We helped the amateur radio club with Lotoja again this year but this year was quite a bit different. We went over to Montpelier Friday night and set up a bunch of radio and internet stuff at the park on Saturday morning. We were able to track the other radio people with APRS so we could follow the race. We also acted as a dispatch center and linked the other areas together. After all of the racers had gone through Montpelier we followed the tail end of the race in to Jackson. It was well after dark when we got done. That made for a really long day. The next day we got up early and headed back home so we could get the kids out of JaNae’s hair so she could get to church.